This technical guide will demonstrate how to setup a fully functional configuration data revisioning system using AWS Parameter Store, Ansible, GitHub, and a custom proxy caching service.


Step 1 – Setting up the Ansible repo

Clone the sample repo.

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Step 2 – Pushing params to AWS

Run the commands below to push the parameters to AWS Parameter Store.

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After you run the command, you should see a message like this.

Step 3 – Viewing the params in AWS

Navigate to and you should see parameters in the param store.

Step 4 – Revision in Github

Store these in Github (or any other service of your choice)

Step 5 – Automate builds with CodeShip (OPTIONAL)

To ensure parameters wouldn’t get changed without approval, we used CodeShip for automating the build and push process. A user would have to create a pull request, and would need approval from a team member. Upon merge, CodeShip would run tests and push the parameters to AWS.

Step 6 – Setup the Param Proxy Caching Service

  1. Build a docker image from here:
  2. Push it to AWS ECR
  3. Place it in the same cluster or VPC where you want other micro-services to have access to it
  4. Setup a new DNS entry for it
  5. From other micro-services, make a http reqest to the param api, such as the below:
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