Our proven process for growing your cloud

With Speko, our team is here to transform how you operate in the cloud. We design and implement full end-to-end solutions from cloud architecture, to infrastructure as code, to CI/CD pipelines, and much more.

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We help you unveil your superpowers.

Speko gives you the leisure of choosing from the areas in which you need our support. From guidance all the way to full design and implementation.


Speko walks through your cloud infrastructure with you to discover areas for improvement


With our help, you achieve the best performance and cost optimization for your cloud infrastructure


You can hire us to manage end-to-end solutions, such as cloud infrastructure and CI/CD pipelines

Faster Time to Market

By working with us, you will be confident with the ability to deploy your features more quickly and safely


The team at Speko will work alongside you to ensure that we meet your every security concern.


During and post implemention, we ensure that your employees are trained on the new systems. Full transparency.


Best execution is not optional

DevOps on AWS
Understanding how the features of DevOps can benefit your business is the key to using the program successfully. DevOps allows you to stay internally communicative, collaborative, and organized.

Migrate Workloads to AWS
It doesn’t matter where your workload was stored before. We have gotten dozens of clients smoothly transitioned to AWS, and we can help you do the same!

Management & Support
Whether you need us to manage your AWS platform or get a question answered, our support team is available around the clock to monitor, support, and maintain AWS environments. This guarantees that you can stay up and running all the time.


Loved by Everyone

“Love how easy it was to work with the team at Speko Solutions. Not only are they professional, but their work enabled us to release 10x faster — with proper flood gates from staging to production.”

Nile.    Co-founder


Consultation packages to kickstart development

Choose the plan that’s right for you

A strong starting point for any project,
this package includes a 2 hour consultation
focusing on:
Benefit from more focused project discussion
to help make key decisions. This package includes
Essentials + an additional 2 hours to conduct:
Ensure that your design is fully compliant with industry standards and best practices. This includes everything from our Core + an additional 6 hours focused on:

Additional hourly consulting rate: $250


Find out why we do what we do

Businesses need to stay in control of their growth. That’s where Speko Solutions comes in.

Speko Solutions guides you through the transformation of your cloud presence, enabling you to get your product to market faster than your competitors.

Speko is a consulting company that specializes in cloud computing through Amazon Web Services. We work with clients all over the world to find creative solutions that apply a wide range of projects. Whether you are trying to move your business to a new platform or just figuring out what the cloud is, Speko can help you achieve excellence.

No. Consulting packages are there to help you understand the process and scope of initial project planning. Project consultations may also be booked without choosing a package, with pricing based on the hourly rate above.

Absolutely. Our consultation packages are there to help you and your business decide on a starting point, but our capabilities extend well beyond initial discussions. Click the link below to view our developmental capabilities, including complex systems integration, cloud infrastructure, and hardware & software prototyping.


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