Who we are

Think of us as your dedicated AWS Partner.

Our Values

Stay humble, accountable, and self-aware.

Stay humble and grounded, continuously learning and growing to become smarter, faster, and bolder. Embrace our journey with pride, remaining humble about our achievements. We hold ourselves accountable to fulfill the potential of our people and our company.

Change is Non-negotiable.

The speed of change within our industry is relentless. It requires continuous exploration, embracing new technologies, and fostering opportunities for growth and collaboration, both internally and externally.

Failure is Required.

Failure is a catalyst for learning. Striving for excellence, we embrace the inevitability of mistakes. It is through these missteps that we propel ourselves forward, uncovering groundbreaking breakthroughs and insightful solutions.

Care Boldly.

We embrace our global responsibility, fostering giving and engagement both internally and within our community. Through volunteering in our local area and contributing open source code on a global scale, we are committed to leaving a positive impact on the world we inhabit.

Meet The Team


Spencer Kotowick

Chief Executive Officer

Under Spencer's guidance, the company experiences sustainable growth, expands its market reach, and establishes itself as a leader in its industry. With his strong leadership qualities and strategic mindset, Spencer successfully navigates challenges, propelling the organization to achieve new levels of success.


Chief Technology Officer

Gaurav has more than a decade of experience in the field of Computer Science. Having worked in various areas such as HCI, Big Data, and Software Development, he has had the pleasure of utilizing hi skills and knowledge to solve complex business problems.

Clance Hoskin

Chief Sales Officer

With 17 years in the automotive industry, Clance has developed a passion for technology, innovation, and alternative investments. He specializes in connecting and working with Startups & Small Medium Business who currently use Amazon Web Services (AWS) or are currently adopting AWS solutions.

Schedule an AWS Well-Architected Review

Maximize the potential of your AWS Cloud Infrastructure through an in-depth evaluation known as an AWS Well-Architected Review.


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